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Bank ICBC Indonesia Contributes for Indonesia-Chinese Moslem Community

Jakarta, 24 June 2016. Bank ICBC Indonesia hands over donation to Yayasan Haji Karim Oei, for helping people in need as well as social activities carried out by Indonesia-Chinese moslem in Jakarta and its surrounding areas.

The donation is in the form of s and cash. Goods donation consist of packages of food, snacks, and gifts of prayer tools were given for Yayasan Haji Karim Oei on 19 June 2016, during the breakfasting event at Lautze Mosque, Central Jakarta. While the cash donation was handed over by Mr. Shen Xiaoqi, the Presiden Director of Bank ICBC Indonesia, to Mr. H. Ali Karim Oei, the Chairman of Yayasan Haji Karim Oei during Bank ICBC Indonesia’s breakfasting event at Kempinski, Grand Indonesia.

“We are dedicated for giving back to community and helping them by aiming fundamental issues in society empowerment, culture, education, and basic needs, Every year, we give cash and goods donation to various foundations and organizations in major cities in Indonesia, including community organizations, orphanages, colleges, as well as other local foundations,” Mr. Shen Xiaoqi giving statement during the breakfasting event with the Bank.

Chairman of Yayasan Haji Karim Oei, H. Ali Karim Oei (third from right) received donation from President Director of Bank ICBC Indonesia, Mr. Shen Xiaoqi (third from left) during the event of Breakfasting with Bank ICBC Indonesia Family